• Communications, Telephony /VOIP Design and Integration

  • Core to Edge Design and Architecture.

  • Network Refresh, Design and Architecture

  • Datacenter Architecture and Design

  • Identity Access Management Design and implementation

  • Virtualization & Data Center Transformation

  • Cloud Governance: FISMA, PCI, HIPAA, ISO

  • Cloud Security & Compliance Strategy

  • Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment

  • Cloud Adoption Strategies

  • Cloud Platform & Application Planning

  • Cloud Security Architecture

  • Cloud Migration Management

Looking for services or solutions related to your network? DTC has robust expertise in all forms of network solution and design. Whether it be On-Premises, Hybrid or Fully in the Cloud; DTC can guide and assist you through this complex task with our Certified Engineers in every major Networking Technology including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Cloud and Networking Services: